Industry best estate and financial planning with Christian Values and Planned Giving at the core of all advice given.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is the 1st building block on your way to a secure financial future (for you and your heirs). Most estate plans are NOT setup correctly. We can tell you in a matter of minutes if your plan is set up correctly!

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Financial Planning

We believe people should NEVER take more risk than is necessary to reach their financial goals. Our planning techniques strive to minimize risk without sacrificing yield. This helps clients sleep better knowing they have the best chance at a secure financial future.

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Charitable Planning

When presented with the option, we believe most people will choose to incorporate charitable giving into their financial/estate plans. When done right, charitable planning can benefit both the consumer and the church or non-profit they are looking to help.

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Education (Financial/Estate Planning)

Knowledge is power. Power to know that you have not and will not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous financial planners and insurance agents. Power to know that you are not working with incompetent advisors.

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Online Financial Literacy

We offer the industry’s best fully online financial literacy course. It consists of 11 modules and comes with written as well as video education. It also comes with real examinations to make sure students fully understood the material.

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Need a Review?

Most people have NO IDEA if their estate or financial plans are set up correctly. One way to find out is to educate yourself. Another is to contact our office for a review. We can usually tell people within a matter of minutes if what they have is good or if it needs to be partially or totally redone.

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